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QuoteiconDuring that part of the month when I’m really bloated I rely on Expelis to shed the fluid and eliminate water retention to feel like me again!! Now I don’t have to worry about my clothes feeling tight – I love this product!Quoteicon
– Tanya K
QuoteiconI have been struggling with not only weight gain but bloating as well since I was in my early 30’s. My sister also has the same problem that we inherited from our mother. She has been using Total Body Balance System™ for 6 months and has lost weight, no longer has puffy ankles, and is regulated. I tried it for the past 3 weeks and I can’t believe the difference it has made in the way I feel and look. – The Total Body Balance System™ is a great system and I would recommend it to anyone.Quoteicon
– Kathy P
QuoteiconNo more prescription diuretics for me. They drained me of my energy and strength. It wasn’t worth treating my edema. Now I use Expelis. It helps my edema without zapping my energy. My friend recommended this product to me and I am now a loyal devotee!Quoteicon
– Amy B
QuoteiconAs a natural body builder water retention can make the difference between being a champ or not. I use Expelis in the final days when preparing for competitions. It really helps to maximize my definition and gives me the edge that I need! It is a phenomenal product!Quoteicon
– Bobby B
QuoteiconWater retention had always been a problem for me. Despite working out five times a week my body weight used to fluctuate as much as ten pounds. Just when I accepted this fluctuation as part of my make-up, I heard about Expelis so I tried it thinking I had nothing to lose (or did I?). I began using Expelis two months before my daughter’s wedding and the results have been tremendous. My weight no longer fluctuates – I am a big fan!Quoteicon
– Louise R
QuoteiconI have been taking the Total Body Balance System™ and I have seen tremendous improvements with my body. When I first started taking the system I weighed in at 155. I have lost 18 pounds in nearly 4 weeks of taking it and I do feel terrific. I am more energized and I have less cravings for junk food. As long as you follow the directions and try and watch what you eat, I believe that the system definitely helps deliver significant well rounded results. I will continue taking the system because it works.Quoteicon
– Denise G
QuoteiconExpelis works fantastic. Surprisingly I am able to slim down during that time of the month and any other time I need to. It doesn’t make you feel dehydrated at all. In fact I have more energy and I just feel so much lighter.Quoteicon
– Kris K
QuoteiconI absolutely love this product. I tend to bloat right before my period. Since I’ve been taking Expelis it’s a thing of the past. I feel leaner, lighter, and just plain better.Quoteicon
– Dawn B
QuoteiconI was a bit apprehensive about taking a water pill type of product but I really needed to lose 7 pounds for my high school reunion. I took it as directed and I was lighter literally days later. It’s an absolutely awesome product. Thank you!Quoteicon
– Gina R
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