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  • Is it impossible for you to button your jeans at certain times of the month?
  • Can you lose or gain several pounds within a 24-hour period?
  • Do you sometimes feel bloated, puffy, and swollen?
  • Have you tried restricting salt and drinking more water to no avail?
  • Do you notice puffiness in your hands, feet, and ankles?
  • Would you like to enhance the results of a diet by shedding excess water weight?
Excess Water Weight

Although water retention is not a serious health condition, it is an annoyance for the countless individuals who regularly deal with the bloating, the swelling, and the loss of confidence it causes. Excess water weight causes us to look and feel bigger than we actually are. That means that even after hitting the gym and cutting carbs, we might still need to reach for a beach cover-up or a baggy sweater...when what we really want to do is show the world our bikini or little black dress. Water retention might also be the reason behind those last few pounds that we just can't seem to get rid of...

Cutting salt and drinking water are two approaches to flushing excess fluid from the body, but they aren't always effective. For results that are fast and noticeable, you need Expelis. This all-natural product is a blend of herbal diuretics that stimulate the urinary system to cause it to expel extra water without removing beneficial electrolytes!

Just Look At What Expelis Will Do For You!

Doctors sometimes prescribe diuretics to people with a variety of health conditions, such as high blood pressure and kidney problems. If you simply have issues with bloating and mild swelling, however, there is probably no need to take a prescription diuretic. Expelis can effectively address water retention, whether or not it is hormone related, WITHOUT side effects, WITHOUT synthetic chemicals, and WITHOUT a prescription. The way that Expelis works is actually quite simple. It increases urine output, which is the only way to get rid of the water that may be adding several pounds to that number on the scale. What Expelis doesn't get rid of is the natural electrolytes that our body needs to function properly. The result for you is less bloating and more confidence!

Expelis's proprietary formula uses researched proven ingredients that will:

proprietary Formula
  • Increase urine output to remove excess stores of fluid in the body
  • Have a stimulating effect on both the kidneys and the bladder
  • Replenish potassium levels and prevent electrolyte loss
  • Help alleviate fluid retention caused by PMS
  • Reduce mild edema, bloating, and swelling in the abdomen and extremities

All this without the unpleasant side effects that are often associated with dangerous prescription drugs and over-the-counter remedies!    Read More...

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quoteDuring that part of the month when I'm really bloated I rely on ExpelisTM to shed the fluid and eliminate water retention to feel like me again! Now I don't have to worry about my clothes feeling tight - I love this product! quote

Tanya A
quoteWater retention had always been a problem for me. Despite working out five times a week my body weight used to fluctuate as much as ten pounds. Just when I accepted this fluctuation as part of my make-up, I heard about ExpelisTM, so I tried it thinking I had nothing to lose (or did I?). I began using ExpelisTM two months before my daughter's wedding and the results have been tremendous. My weight no longer fluctuates - I am a big fan! quote

Louise R.

So What Makes Expelis the Most Effective Natural Water Retention Supplement You Can Buy?

You may have been dealing with water retention for months or even years, so you'll be amazed at the practically instant results that are possible with Expelis. Many people notice a difference in as little as 12 hours! The secret is the blend of powerful all-natural diuretics that are both highly effective and completely safe.

Every time you take Expelis you'll get an optimal dose of the following extracts:

  • Taraxacum officinale leaf extract to help clear excess fluid that can cause bloating from the body
  • Uva ursi leaf to help the body get rid of extra weight that is caused by water retention by boosting urine output
  • Green tea leaf to promote urine excretion, boost the metabolism, and help the body burn fat
  • Buchu leaf extract to stimulate the urinary system and promote perspiration to further cleanse the body
  • Juniper berry extract to stimulate the organs of the excretory system and increase the amount of urine they produce
  • doctor
  • Parsley extract to flush out water while retaining optimal balances of electrolytes in the body
  • Potassium to restore an optimal electrolyte balance and promote an ideal fluid balance
  • Corn silk to reduce the swelling and edema that can occur when the body stores too much fluid
  • Magnesium citrate to address the fluid retention that frequently occurs in women suffering from PMS
  • Hydrangea root to cleanse the urinary tract and kidneys and support weight loss efforts
  • Pyridoxine HCl to act as a natural diuretic and reduce water retention and the bloating and swelling it causes


Expelis is totally safe to use, and it's an excellent long-term approach to getting a sleeker body and stabilizing your body weight. After just a few doses you'll notice a difference in how you look and feel. Over time, Expelis will restore and support a healthy fluid balance in your body. You'll no longer have to worry about whether you'll be able to fit into your jeans at certain times of the month, or if you'll look bloated and puffy for that special social engagement. With Expelis, you'll always be at your slimmest and your most confident!

The Most Powerful All Natural Water Retention Supplement Available Today!


Expelis can remove extra water from all the body's tissues without exhaustion, excessive trips to the bathroom, shakiness, and disruptions to electrolyte levels. With Expelis, you get a blend of several of the most potent herbal diuretics known to man to help you feel your best, put on your favorite clothes without worry, and eliminate excess fluid without using prescription drugs or drinking gallons of water.

Stop putting your favorite jeans in the back of the closet at certain times of the month and fretting about your swollen stomach, ankles, and hands. Provide your body with the substances it needs to flush out all that unsightly fluid so you can feel like yourself. With Expelis, you can achieve better fluid balance and feel at ease in your body every day!

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